Bitcoin Mining Stocks Beat BTC Two-To-One in 2021 ROI

Believe it or not, in 2021, Bitcoin mining stocks have outperformed the king of cryptocurrencies. This crowns the phenomenal year the whole Bitcoin industry has had. However, consider Arcane Research’s warning, “an investment in mining companies carries a much higher risk than an investment in bitcoin itself.” As with any other complex business venture, a […]

Need help about first bitcoin faucet

I use the first bitcoin faucet created by Gavin and I Don t find my keys that I write in a paper and my pc don t work anymore.. If someone can help.. I have more than 15btc.. I’m desesperated to resolve this.. I do not sleep it’s a nightmare… I tried to recuperate my motherboard and don t have luck. If someone can help me I will return your help if I find my coins… A big hug


Cardano price positioned for bullish reversal, with 100% gains in sight

Cardano price reversal in the cards due to critical Gann time cycle.  Extended oversold conditions increase the likelihood of anticipated reversal. A return too, and above, the $3.00 value area is incoming. Cardano price action has been some of the most dismal and disappointing out of all the major cryptocurrencies. But Cardano’s fortunes are about to […]