With Bitcoin teetering over the $30k edge, is another market-wide panic underway

As crypto enthusiasts worldwide celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day, investors and traders are left feeling frantic in light of the ongoing market trend, impacting the performance of the star token with Bitcoin [BTC] registering low trade levels that lead to losses. Bitcoin can’t stop losing Although it has been over two weeks since the crash of […]

Can Fantom’s [FTM] recent near 19% spike improve its long-term prospects

Contrary to its peer altcoins, retail traders have shown interest in Fantom’s (FTM) market over the past 24 hours. Thus, the buyers elevated their pressure and helped FTM escape from its ten-day low volatility phase near the Point of Control (POC, red). The recent upswing chalked out a rising wedge on the four-hour timeframe. Any […]

Amid widespread weaknesses, how Monero [XMR] is managing to stay optimistic

You probably wonder why your friends HODLing Monero (XMR) have been suspiciously joyous in the last seven days. Well, you should know that the seven days were marked with significant growth for the XMR token. At the time of press, a bullish divergence was spotted on the price charts indicating that the bull run has […]

Red or green? Identifying what color Bitcoin [BTC] is today

The king coin still seems to be in hiding and recovering from what seemed like an exhausting bear chase. Despite Bitcoin’s best efforts of late, BTC slipped back below $30K once again. At press time, it was trading at $29,339 on the charts. However, does the crypto plan on pleasing the bears for a bit […]

DOGE, SAND, and GALA Price Analysis: 22 May

The altcoin market refrained from volatility in the last few days as reflected by the short-bodied candlesticks on most charts. DOGE, SAND, and GALA echoed with the wider market as they saw an uptick from their multi-monthly/yearly lows on 12 May. Now, they’re struggling to break the chains of its squeeze phase while the bulls […]

SEC v. Ripple – Amici takes aim at Doody’s ‘reasonable’ XRP holders assertion

The lawsuit between American regulators (SEC) and the San Francisco-based fintech firm Ripple continues to see new developments. Ergo, it is perhaps no surprise that holders of XRP have grown impatient given the dynamics and volatility of the cryptocurrency space. Bearing this in mind, John E. Deaton, Counsel for ‘Amici Curiae,’ has filed a letter […]

Did Ethereum Name Service [ENS] revenue stream hit a record high in May

Non-mainstream projects, more often than not, take their own time to create a niche and establish themselves. Then, it just becomes a matter of time for their name and fame to heighten. Ethereum Name Service is one such project. Investors and NFT enthusiasts scrambled over a newly released batch of 10,000 ENS domain NFTs. From 0000 […]

With The Sandbox [SAND] expanding its ecosystem, investors should know that…

“How do we make it rain at the beach?” asked the CEO of the gaming company, The Sandbox. “Well, we throw some sand dollars”, the fortune teller said. That was exactly what was done as The Sandbox acquired ‘Cualit, a technology company situated in Uruguay.  According to Arthur Madrid, CEO, and Co-Founder of The Sandbox: […]