Terra, Crypto-Fondsen Aangeklaagd door Investeerders

In mei is het Terra (LUNA) ecosysteem voor stablecoins ingestort. Er is nog een hoop kritiek op hoe de hele crash is verlopen en op de oorzaken – genoeg om aangeklaagd te worden door investeerders. Hetzelfde geldt voor een aantal fondsen die in de problemen zijn gekomen door dalende cryptocurrencies.

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Class-Action Lawsuit Accuses Terraform Labs of Misleading Investors

Following the Terra stablecoin depegging incident, a class-action lawsuit has been filed against the company Terraform Labs and a number of other crypto companies over the collapse of terrausd (UST). The case against Terraform Labs (TFL) was filed by the plaintiff Nick Patterson on behalf of others similarly situated and the law firm Scott+Scott LLP. […]

LUNA and LUNC: A fight on the legal front, but what of the price front?

In light of regulatory actions following the collapse of Terra’s LUNA and its UST stablecoin, holders of these crypto-assets now seek compensation for their losses. On 13 June, a class-action lawsuit was instituted against Binance.US and its CEO Brian Shroder by Jeffrey Lockhart, who sued for himself and on behalf of all other “similarly situated” […]

CZ Corrects Coindesk’s Accusation of Do Kwon About Luna Crash

The collapse of Terra Luna (LUNA) was perhaps one of the worst events to occur in the crypto market ever since Bitcoin launched back in 2009. With this being the case, there is a large investigation underway to try to establish a chain of events leading up to the crash. Now, Coindesk has released an article suggesting […]

Would 3AC be the latest domino to fall after UST and Celsius

Online chatter has recently increased multi-fold around Three Arrows Capital post speculations related to insolvency. There are swirling rumors that the company will be the latest to crash in a domino effect- after LUNA. Well, not to forget, Celsius Network’s latest announcement too had an impact on the broader market condition. Three Arrows Capital sold […]

Terra’s Instorting Was Mogelijk een ‘Inside Job’

Een recent gepubliceerd onderzoek schijnt een nieuw licht op de totale instorting van het Terra (LUNA) netwerk. Er wordt namelijk gesteld dat er mogelijk sprake was van een inside job. Een of meerdere werknemers van Terraform Labs zijn mogelijk verantwoordelijk voor de initiële ontkoppeling van UST en de Amerikaanse dollar.

Het bericht Terra’s Instorting Was Mogelijk een ‘Inside Job’ verscheen eerst op Dutch Crypto Talk.