Amazon: a denial on Bitcoin-related projects that seems like a confirmation

Reuters has published a denial coming from an unidentified “spokesperson for Amazon” regarding the rumors published a few days ago by the London newspaper City AM that reported the acceptance of payments in Bitcoin and other crypto. The rumors had been published last Sunday and had been collected by an unidentified “insider” of the company who had described a plan to enable […]

IMF opposed to Bitcoin, “it could be a disaster”

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has declared that making Bitcoin the official currency of a country “could be a disaster”. The reference to El Salvador seems quite obvious, even if it is not directly mentioned in the IMF blog post. In fact, the IMF’s director of marketing, Tobias Adrian, and the general counsel of the legal department […]

SWIFT Intrudes Ripple’s Market by Offering Service for Low-Value Cross-Border Payments Facebook

Money-transferring giant SWIFT, a Ripple competitor, has expanded to low-value cross-border payments and remittances, entering “Ripple territory” According to a press release, SWIFT, the global provider of secure financial messaging services, has launched SWIFT Go service to expand into the market of low-value cross-border payments, entering an open competition with Ripple crypto decacorn. The new SWIFT […]

Tesla: $ 1 billion in record income vs BTC losses

In Tesla ‘s second quarter 2021 results , there is a $ 23 million loss on its Bitcoin holdings against a record revenue of more than $ 1 billion.  The US company specializing in the production of electric cars, photovoltaic panels and energy storage systems, has published its Q2 2021 report.  According to the data, demand for its electric vehicles appears […]

Brian Kelly Explains Why He’s Bullish on Ethereum

Brain Kelly feels “pretty good” about Ethereum on the cusp of the cryptocurrency’s biggest upgrade in years During his recent appearance on CNBC “Fast Money,” trader Brian Kelly laid out his bullish thesis for Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency. He points to the fact that the upcoming “London” hard fork—which contains much-talked-about EIP 1559—is going to […]

What is the Circumference of the Stellar Lumens (XLM) Ecosystem? For as much as SCF Provides for a Killer Project

Killer Projects with SCF Developers Pursue their vision Viable Cross-Border Solutions Innovation to thrive despite regulation Killer Project has a clear project definition. The risks, assumptions, and constraints are identified, organized for the project, have a clear idea of your project resources, establish a communications plan for the project. The Stellar Community Fund gives people […]

IMF Claims Bitcoin Threatens Economic Stability

IMF economists have cautioned countries against adopting Bitcoin as a national currency The International Monetary Fund (IMF) hasn’t warmed up to crypto. Its high-profile economists, Tobias Adrian and Rhoda Weeks-Brown, argue that widespread Bitcoin adoption could lead to macroeconomic instability in a recent post. They believe that businesses would have to spend significant resources to integrate […]