Do bitcoin wallets require verification and turnover sums?


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Check here:
Open key: bc1qrdhvy2etwlg208kakzalk732vc2v3lad753mxlv
By default HASH with zero balance and zero turnover,
The verification of such a wallet requires by default BTC 1.00356534
Please note!
That you may not have to verify the amount previously registered.
[registered amount – an amount involved in turnover transactions]
[unregistered amount – an amount that has not previously participated in turnover operations]
You can familiarize yourself with it by checking operations inside of your HASH.
We remind you, that the blockchain system is fully automatic and public open.
Therefore, it is not necessary to have an amount of
BTC 1.00356534
for verification of your HASH
Needed turnover: BTC 0.41836769
When generated wallet attached to exchanger,
Balance of BTC 1.42193303 will be available to use and carry out any further transactions.
We remind you one more time,
That sum is already inside the wallet.
As soon as verification is completed,
You are going to be the only owner of these funds,
And can carry out further transactions.
Blockchain system is a fully automatic system and gives you a full guarantee and safety,
When you follow instructions and protocol.
Balance: BTC 1.00356534
Missing turnover: BTC 0.41836769
Please note!
After activation and verification, the amount of BTC 1.42193303 will be shown automatically.
When a wallet will be added to the exchanger you can carry out any transaction on your behalf.

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below is an email i received from a organization called was scammed by a Forex broker,i lost 1.5 bitcoin to them.I was contacted by a company called followise,they have advised that i can get my money back.I use a created wallet in,i add turnover to this wallet,i use to transfer my missing btc into my blockchain .com wallet where i can then transfer to my preffered exchange.its very confusing.

How to generate multiple legacy or segwit bitcoin address

I would like to generate multiple bitcoin (and litecoin) addresses via Bitcoin Core (and Litecoin Core). I saw this topic How can I generate a large number of Bitcoin addresses? but "keypool" does not work in the Bitcoin Core console (which is accessible with CTRL+T or in Window menu>Console). I saw that I can generate new address with this command line : getnewaddress label addresstype but it’s a little bit long because I want to generate at least 100 address for each address type.

Thanks !

Bitcoin Vanity Plus generating more than matches

I am using Bitcoin Vanity Plus code from Github to generate custom wallet addresses.

When I use default search like ./vanitygen -iqz 1

its returning [27.03 Kkey/s][total 1028][Found 9]

How come I am getting only 9 matches when I am just searching for prefix as 1 only nothing more than one digit prefix? I know BTC wallets also start with 3 and sometimes other b but this vanity generator code only supports prefix 1 BTC public keys only.

Unconfirmed transaction in memory pool

In February 2021, I sent some bitcoin from bitcoin core account. I choose a low transaction fee. The transaction is down as ‘unconfirmed, memory pool’. The bitcoin has not appeared at the receiving address, and the transaction does not show up on tradeblock or on blockchain explorer. Can anyone advise on this? How do I get my bc back?