CBDC Ban: Florida Governor Opposes To Federal Issuance Of Digital Currency

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has proposed legislation that aims to protect residents of the state from the potential risks associated with a central bank digital currency (CBDC) and the increased government surveillance that may come with it. Governor DeSantis has expressed his concerns regarding the potential risks associated with a central bank digital currency,  […]

Bitcoin Bullish Signal: Transaction Activity Hits Highest Since April 2021

Data shows the Bitcoin average transaction count has risen to the highest level since April 2021, indicating that the asset’s price could be bullish. Bitcoin Transactions Are Happening At An Average Rate Of 309,500 Per Day As per the latest weekly report from Glassnode, the transaction count is currently significantly above the average for the […]

Venezuela To Restructure Its Crypto Department

Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s president, has decided to restructure and reorient the National Superintendency of Crypto Assets. The decree was issued in March of this year. The reorganization of the crypto asset department will be headed by the new board, led by Anabel Pereira Fernandez, a lawyer who has served as president of the Fondo de […]

Is Bitcoin Following An Explosive 1970s Gold Fractal?

Bitcoin price could potentially be following a fractal from gold during the 1970s – the last time inflation in the United States got out of control. What followed was a more than 700% rally in the precious metal. Will the same happen in digital gold? Bitcoin Follows Price Fractal From 1970s Gold Over the last […]

Banking Crisis Sees Bitcoin Market Cap Rise By $26 Billion

Today March 20, has been eventful in the Bitcoin and crypto market. Some top coins and altcoins have recorded gains in their seven days prices. While BTC is up by 3.47% in 24 hours, its seven days gains stand at 27.93%. On the other hand, Ethereum has gained 12.82% in 7 days even though it […]

Users Beware: Harvest Keeper dApp Rugpull Claims $1M in Losses

The growing popularity of the crypto market has brought it under the radar of many scammers, such as Harvest Keeper. They create Ponzi schemes that lure potential and existing investors into their traps. But while Ponzi schemes remain the conventional techniques some individuals use, rug pulls have become more prevalent in Web3. Related Reading: Identity […]

More Than 80 Crypto Firms Plan to Launch In Hong Kong, Financial Secretary

Hong Kong, an administrative region of China, has gradually expanded its crypto industry. The city aims to create a robust crypto environment to position it as a prominent hub for crypto and Web3 interactions. The city’s outstanding performance has attracted several crypto firms to expand their business into the region. The Financial Secretary of Hong […]

Cardano Gearing Up For Recovery As ADA Whales Become Active Again

Cardano whale activity has seen an uptick despite a slight pullback in price. The network which remains one of the top competitors for the leading smart contract network has drawn the attention of these large investors, who have increased their activity on the blockchain significantly. Cardano Whale Transactions Rise To 6-Month Highs With the market […]

Bitcoin Could Continue Rally Amid Intensified Banking Crisis, Here’s Why

While the US banking crisis seems to be worsening each day, the crypto market including Bitcoin (BTC) has reacted to this in a positive manner. Over the past weeks, BTC has surged nearly 40% despite the condition of the financial sector.  According to a recent report from economists using the now-bankrupted Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) […]

Community Raises Alarm Over Fraudulent Arbitrum Airdrops

Recently, the Arbitrum community has posted warnings to investors about the possibility of scammers generating fake Arbitrum airdrops. This tactic is popularly known as phishing, where attackers devise a deceptive means to manipulate users into giving out their wallet private keys. Related Reading: These 5 Cryptos Are Seen Shooting Up In Price With Bitcoin This […]