How do I recover from a cryptocurrency scam?

I lost about $45,000 to crypto investment scam just recently. The
company posed as an investment company that could deliver a certain
percentage in returns if you deposit your Bitcoin with them. At first, it
seemed real, it worked twice. I didn’t realize they set up a bot(robot)
that will completely shutdown your account after you have decided to invest
high. I suddenly couldn’t access my profile, I complained to the admin, he
gave a excuses that they had a downtime and needed to upgrade their
website, this took over 2 months. Within that period,I begin to suspect i
have been scammed. I contacted my bank to see if they could do anything about this situation, they couldn’t. Local police say it’s impossible to get my money back.

Can anyone help me ? This has made me really frustrated as I invested all my savings.

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