Does the creator of BitCoin hold a ‘master’ private key?

If the creator of BitCoin, whoever he/she is, was the one that started the block-chain and with every cryptographic operation deriving from that initial key, would the network be under the complete control of the creator? The only way I could see this not being the case if the key was disseminated into the network, but I am unsure if that is the case.
If the key is control over the block-chain and if the key generator still holds the key, then regardless of the fact that it is decentralized in operation, it is still centralized in control, like a bank.

Any thoughts?


I guess I’m really asking basically is whether the creator had/has any advantage in the network (i.e reversing transactions, creating new coins). I mean unless he specifically programmed the network not to be under his control, it would be right? I mean he IS the creator of the network and unless we have proof (source code inspection?) that the network has been ‘turned over’ so to speak to the users, we cannot guarantee safety can we?

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