Blockchain use in Record Management

From my understanding of blockchain, I feel the main use of blockchain is to do something in a decentralised way as compared to the traditional centralised way which involves a middle man. Usually, the centralised way is a much simpler way, but use of a more complicated way (blockchain) becomes justified because you are able to

However, I see a lot of companies which are currently the central party trying to get into Blockchains. For e.g. banks etc. I am not sure what advantage there is here.

For example, take a look at this – – What-is-blockchain-and-why-should-records-management-professionals-care

In my opinion, regular PKI is best suited for this. A user signs his document with his private key & then submits it to Iron Mountain. This will ensure integrity. So what advantage is it to either Iron Mountain or the user if Blockchain is adopted in this case.

It also seems as if Blockchain is getting forced into places where it’s not necessarily the best solution.

Or am I wrong?

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