Court Strikes Down State Law That Gave Millions in Tax Breaks to Casinos

by Alison Burdo and Michelle Brunetti Post, The Press of Atlantic City This article was produced for ProPublica’s Local Reporting Network in partnership with The Press of Atlantic City. Sign up for Dispatches to get stories like this one as soon as they are published. A Superior Court judge in New Jersey has struck down […]

Solana: Why critics are opposed to Helium’s latest proposal

Solana [SOL] is slated to become the next home for the Helium network. The announcement made by the Helium Foundation was part of a new proposal dubbed HIP 70. If approved, it will mark the start of a robust partnership between the two decentralized networks. The announcement marks an important milestone for the two networks, […]

The Advantages of Starting a White Label Forex Brokerage

Are you looking to start an FX brokerage but don’t want to spend the time and money building your own trading platform? A white label Forex brokerage might be the perfect solution for you. In this article, we’ll explain what a white label Forex broker is and how it can help you get started in […]

get value of transactions in mempool

with getrawmempool true i can get the latest unconfirmed transactions and some useful details about each one. However I can’t seem to get the value of any of the transactions from getrawmempool true. I know that i can query getrawtransaction "mytxid" true but it is too loop through each new mempool transaction entry in real time.

Is there a better way to get the latest unconfirmed transactions with their value also shown?