Obtaining private key from mnemonic keywords

A customer of us can’t remember which wallet he has used before (in 2014), but he still knows his public wallet address and als the 12 words for recovery.

We have a choice of 3 different wallets which he might have used (at least on of those must be the right one)

  • Bitwallet for IOS (still available but not devooped / maintained anymore0 We manage to retostore this app from a icloud backup but id holds another wallet)
  • blockchain.info (we tried to import using the 12 words, but we got also another wallter address than the one which holds the 0.9 BTC)
  • Multibit for Windows (Als tried to import using the words, but we don;t have any backup files so we’ve let it generate but also it created another walletadress)

What we really know is the correct walletadress and also the 12 words. Is this enough to recover the private key / funds?

Hope someone can help us out.

Regards, Mark

I sent my Bitcoin from Coinbase Wallet back to my coinbase wallet address. I basically sent it to myself but can’t get access to it

I tried sending my Bitcoin from my coinbase wallet address to my cash app Bitcoin account but accidentally copied and pasted the Coinbase Wallet address instead of the cash app Bitcoin account. So basically I sent back to myself. It’s confirmed but I don’t have access to the funds. I see it but can’t touch it. Coinbase Wallet support has led me on for a month and won’t help. Can someone please help me. That’s my wedding money.

Regulators Mount Up

From Binance to BlockFi, from Britain to the banks, regulators are finally moving on crypto. Is that a good thing?

Regulation has always been coming for crypto. Together with Chinese Bitcoin bans and Tether FUD, regulation forms the holy trinity of the crypto bad news cycle. And like those other

Binance Reduces Daily Withdrawals for Unverified Accounts to 0.06 BTC

Binance Reduces Daily Withdrawals for Unverified Accounts to 0.06 BTC 4Binance has reduced daily withdrawal limits for unverified accounts from 2 BTC to 0.06 BTC Binance has also reduced leverage on new futures accounts to 20x There is also a new tax reporting tool on Binance for users who are obligated to report their capital gains The exchange has implemented the new changes as it works towards complying with regulators globally The popular crypto exchange of Binance has lowered the daily withdrawal limits for accounts that are not fully verified, […]

XRP, Cardano and Ethereum Price Analysis: July 27

The global crypto market cap was $1.52 Trillion after a 2.9% decrease over the last day. The market capitalization of major alts dropped too. XRP fell out of the overvalued territory today and buying pressure considerably decreased at press time, while ETH showed signs of volatility.  XRP XRP, at press time was trading around $0.62. […]

XRP Price ‌Analysis:‌ XRP Price CMP Above 20-DMA, After a Long Time

XRP price over the monthly chart is trying to recover from the lower levels while struggling above 20-Day short term (DMA). The crypto asset is presently trading below its major moving averages of 50, 100, and 200-DAM lines, while CMP is above the 20-DMA line after a long time. The pair of XRP/BTC is trading […]