Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC on the verge of 10% technical retracement

Bitcoin is moving toward a colossal breakdown likely to test lows under $53,000. A falling wedge pattern on the four-hour chart presents a bearish outlook for BTC. Bitcoin has for some time been stuck in a narrow range between $58,000 and $59,500. Attempts to hit highs above $60,000 have been thwarted. At the time of […]

A Question of Scale

If blockchain wants to take over the world, it’s going to have to get a lot faster. We’re adding some of the tokens trying to make it happen.

With news this week that Ethereum’s latest scaling solution – the unfortunately named Optimism – has been delayed until July, focus

Bitcoin (BTC) price returns to $60,000 – Here are levels to watch

Bitcoin (BTC) price is up over 6% as buyers approach the $60,000 handle following a series of positive developments coming from the major financial institutions. Fundamental analysis: Goldman the latest to embrace crypto Goldman Sachs became the latest major financial player to enter the crypto ecosystem. One of the world’s largest investment banks said it […]

Cardano Achieves Historic Feat by Reaching Complete Decentralization

Input Output Global’s core nodes have been permanently switched off, making the network completely decentralized. History has been made. At 21:44:51 UTC, Cardano, the fourth-largest blockchain by market cap, became fully decentralized, with block production now being completely controlled by the community. The global network of more than 2,000 stake pools is now in the […]

Huge Achievement for Cardano as Charity-Focused Stake Pools Surpass $500 Million Worth of ADA

$500 million worth of Cardano (ADA) has been delegated to charity-focused stake pools. Switzerland-based Cardano Foundation has announced that the amount of ADA delegated to charity-focused stake pools has surpassed $500 million: This represents one of the largest collective giving communities in the entire blockchain space, a huge achievement that everyone in our ecosystem should […]

No Fiat Conversion: Why Businesses Are Increasingly Choosing To Retain Bitcoin

No Fiat Conversion: Why Businesses Are Increasingly Choosing To Retain Bitcoin Payments

Mainstream firms entering the Bitcoin market have begun to adopt the option of storing their assets in Bitcoin and boycotting the option of converting to fiat. Some of these businesses include Tesla, and most recently Oakland Athletics Suite Payment services. Both of these businesses are accepting Bitcoin payments from their consumer base, and have declared […]