Bitcoin (BTC) Consolidation Brings Massive New Users, Key Indicators For the Launch of Next Bull Run

On Friday, January 29, the world’s richest man Elon Musk stormed the Satoshi Street by changing his Twitter bio to ‘#bitcoin’. Breaking past is two weeks of downward momentum, BTC surged all the way above $38,000. However, this remained a momentary spike as profit-booking ensued soon after. Again the BTC price continues to oscillate minorly […]

Cardano Foundation Recalls Charles Hoskinson’s 2017 Legendary Move

The Cardano Foundation revealed that back in 2017, Charles Hoskinson did a memorable thing for the whole community. Check out the post that the Foundation shared on social media.   It was the whiteboard that started it all… On October 27th 2017 @IOHK_Charles posted a now-legendary whiteboard walkthrough of his vision for #Cardano. Since then, […]

Why was Bitcoin so “overengineered” right from the start?

Although I have slowly, over the last 10+ years, started to foggily understand how Bitcoin works, it’s been a long journey of actively seeking out this info and slowly pulling it out from people who seem extremely smart but who just can’t seem to explain it coherently in a way which isn’t too dumbed down, but also doesn’t mention eight trillion undefined terms in each sentence and just assume prior knowledge about everything.

Some things really confuse me. This whole idea of "ins" and "outs" and sending the wallet contents followed by the "minus" the wallet contents plus a small amount… the "smart contracts" which nobody ever seems to even mention… It seems unnecessarily complicated for no good reason. But there probably is a good reason.

Okay, so it enables you to do this and that "weird thing". But why? Is it so unthinkable to just pay to address A, then address B, then address C as separate transactions? Why have all these "complexity-increasing edge-case features" included? The damn "vouts" alone have certainly hindered my ability to start using Bitcoin for payments in an automated manner, because it was so confusing to implement and talk to the Bitcoin Core RPC API.

And since then, there’s been countless "amendments" (BIPs) to this original thing. I don’t understand why they keep piling on stuff instead of actually getting it working super-solidly on a basic level and preferably keeping it like that forever. I don’t understand the priorities that the Bitcoin developers/community have. Why isn’t the goal to just make it possible to send and receive Bitcoin in the most dead-simple manner possible, and then to promote this simple system and get everyone to implement it?

Own BTC Bonds in MicroStrategy? You’re Likely Seeing Some Big Returns

Everyone who owns bonds in MicroStrategy is likely seeing their portfolios expand as of late. MicroStrategy Is Rewarding Risk-Taking Shareholders The company was amongst the first major institutional players to pledge support for bitcoin, the world’s leading digital currency by market cap. MicroStrategy ultimately bought more than half a billion dollars-worth of BTC between the

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