What are the key differences between regtest and the proposed signet?

What are the key differences between regtest and the proposed signet?

One of the key differences is that using regtest is not ideal for public networks as anyone anywhere can just rewrite the blockchain at their whim by mining a ton of blocks. Are there any others?

Is signet a strictly superior replacement to regtest?

If not, when would someone use regtest as opposed to signet in future?

Error after reindex

Hello after I got an db error.. I try to reindex my db. But I got this error:

ERROR: ReadBlockFromDisk: Errors in block header at FlatFilePos(nFile=75, nPos=117947311)

So what can I do to fix it ?

4 cores
500GB ISCI Storage

Single-hop Payment vs Multi-hop payments

I am beginner of lightning network. When i am looking roughly lightning network whitepaper, i was confused about the types of contracts used in single-hop and multi-hop.

As far as I understand, In single-hop(Bidirectional Payment channel) case, it use revocation key concept, and there is no HTLC. And In multi-hop case, it use HTLC concept.

But When I read the example in chapter 4 of the white paper(Example about Alice and Bob), i was confused fact that ‘is single-hop case use HTLC?’

Anyone can explain this?

Thank you!

How did Nakamoto untraceably pay for registering bitcoin.org?

Wikipedia says "Nakamoto created a website with the domain name bitcoin.org" and "transferred several related domains", while bitcoin.org says it was "originally registered and owned by Bitcoin’s first two developers, Satoshi Nakamoto and Martti Malmi". A 2014 businessinsider.com article says bitcoin.org was first registered in 2008 via anonymousspeech.com, and that Malmi stated bitcoin.org was "originally created by Satoshi", and Malmi’s first contact with Nakamoto was in 2011 when bitcoin.org was transferred to Malmi.

The article also says anonymousspeech.com accepted cash and E-gold. Did Nakamoto pay for the original bitcoin.org registration, and used cash or E-gold (paid for with cash) to do that and keep his origins untraceable? Or is it possible that somewhere in history is a non-anonymous payment of some kind that would finger Nakamoto? For example, archive.org shows bitcoin.org was an actual hosted site at least by January 31, 2009. Where was it hosted, and how and to whom was that hosting paid for?

Question regarding MultiSig outputs

Just saw good question on Telegram:

So I working on an algorithm that would download and process bitcoin blocks, specifically the transactions in them. I want to take every output address of every transaction in a block and query my database if any users own this address as their deposit address. Initially I thought an output can only have one address and so I can just credit the person who owns it with the amount of that output. But now I found out that an output can actually have multiple addresses to it and thats called multisig. I don’t really understand the concept of this. So what if a person uses his deposit address that I’ve given them as first address and they also use another address of their own as second address in a single output? Can they use that output with their address to waste it so then so I lose the money they deposited?