Can I send BTC from other node or wallet with my address?

I’m trying to send bitcoins from node2 with my address using private key noted that my address is created in node1.I followed this link:
I dump private key in node1 using this command:

bitcoin-cli -testnet -rpcuser=test -rpcpassword=test123 dumpprivkey "2N7YvA6ZBjFvXE3wuNQH4csev1QUWtrzYgA"

Then I imported private key in node2 through this command:

bitcoin-cli -testnet -rpcuser=test -rpcpassword=test123 importprivkey cNKbGVQvQgJsJuRy25ggZ71BRA9UZyEPCMekdntnZDWjYTg9TpRu

now I want to send bitcoin from node2 with my address to different address

can anyone please give me solution to make transaction using my address private key
thanking you in advance

From Edge to Poloniex

Bought bitcoin and have a balance in a exchange account at Poloniex. Is there another step I need to take or is this where the estimated value that changes is where I will be able to send this back to Edge, and change back to USD.
I guess my question is: Is this money at work for me here or do I need to do something else.
And is this deposit safe where it is or is there a layer of security that needs to be taken.
Obvious to say I’m new to this and also thank you for your help!!

After a long connection to the wallet, it offers to reinstall blocks and synchronize all Bitcoin core blocks

1)I installed bitcoin core on an ssd drive. Some time did not include it, a month after the inclusion of bitcoin core when you start the application with ssd asks to re-download all the blocks, the path is correct , and the folder has already downloaded the blocks. I don’t understand, my old wallet can’t download or wants to download the resulting blocks while offline. Please help to understand. 2) If I installed a portable ssd drive I can connect it to any device and use the wallet and funds on it? In such an attempt, it requires downloading blocks againenter image description here

Is it possible to run two Lightning Network nodes on top of single Bitcoin Core node?

I would like to simultaneously run LND and Eclair nodes on top of single Bitcoin Core bitcoind node. Is it possible? I wasn’t been able to pull it off so far.

If possible, how to set up ZMQ and listen-tcp?

Thanks Rene, I have managed to do it. Works flawlessly. 🙂

Listen addresses must be different, eg. and, and both need to be open in router. Also rpclisten must be different, eg: and

When opening channel between them use localhost address, eg. 03di28did92d2dh92d29d229d299239r98398r@

Coimarketcap api data different from

I am using popular Coinmarketcap API request:

In response percentChangeFor24h and some other parameters are always different from what is show on Do I miss something or data is just irrelevant? Could it be from timezone? I have not found any way to change timezone into requests itself.

Bitcoin Core ‘unable to open file’ causes reindexing to fail

I recently struggled to send bitcoin from my Armory wallet (0.96.5) to another account. Sending bitcoin did not work because the wallet could not synchronize with the blockchain. Since Armory relies on the connection managed by the bitcoin core client, bitcoin-qt or bitcoind, it became evident that the failure was caused by the bitcoin core clients (0.17.1). The command ./bitcoin-qt --reindex was issued after Armory was shutdown, but failed repeatedly with entries in debug.log having excerpts such as the following immediately before shutdown:

2019-01-15T23:17:07Z Pre-allocating up to position 0x1000000 in rev01636.dat
2019-01-15T23:17:07Z UpdateTip: new best=0000000000000000001e1db68a762512729668e9dd4c6c06cae346a65618189e height=557921 version=0x20c00000 log2_work=90.224133 tx=371925681 date='2019-01-10T12:31:34Z' progress=0.996972 cache=700.2MiB(5254262txo)
2019-01-15T23:17:07Z UpdateTip: new best=00000000000000000014b6677c848def28a7edef1225b0aa865f96199cb1abd8 height=557922 version=0x20000000 log2_work=90.224157 tx=371928196 date='2019-01-10T12:42:46Z' progress=0.996976 cache=700.3MiB(5254902txo)
2019-01-15T23:17:07Z Imported mempool transactions from disk: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 expired, 0 already there
2019-01-15T23:17:09Z Leaving block file 1636: CBlockFileInfo(blocks=144, size=133976289, heights=557764...558003, time=2019-01-09...2019-01-11)
2019-01-15T23:17:09Z Unable to open file /home/**/.bitcoin/blocks/blk01637.dat
2019-01-15T23:17:09Z Unable to open file /home/**/.bitcoin/blocks/blk01637.dat
2019-01-15T23:17:09Z ERROR: WriteBlockToDisk: OpenBlockFile failed
2019-01-15T23:17:09Z *** Failed to write block
2019-01-15T23:37:10Z socket sending timeout: 1201s
2019-01-15T23:37:10Z socket sending timeout: 1201s
2019-01-15T23:37:10Z socket sending timeout: 1201s
2019-01-15T23:37:10Z socket sending timeout: 1201s
2019-01-15T23:37:10Z socket sending timeout: 1201s
2019-01-15T23:37:10Z socket sending timeout: 1201s
2019-01-15T23:37:10Z socket sending timeout: 1201s
2019-01-15T23:37:10Z socket sending timeout: 1201s
2019-01-15T23:37:10Z socket sending timeout: 1201s
2019-01-15T23:37:10Z socket sending timeout: 1201s
2019-01-15T23:39:47Z ERROR: ProcessNewBlock: AcceptBlock FAILED (AcceptBlock: Failed to find position to write new block to disk (code 0))
2019-01-15T23:39:47Z tor: Thread interrupt
2019-01-15T23:39:47Z Shutdown: In progress...
2019-01-15T23:39:47Z addcon thread exit
2019-01-15T23:39:47Z opencon thread exit
2019-01-15T23:39:47Z torcontrol thread exit
2019-01-15T23:39:47Z net thread exit
2019-01-15T23:39:47Z msghand thread exit
2019-01-15T23:39:47Z scheduler thread interrupt
2019-01-15T23:39:47Z Dumped mempool: 3e-06s to copy, 0.000992s to dump
2019-01-15T23:39:47Z Unable to open file /home/**/.bitcoin/blocks/blk01637.dat
2019-01-15T23:39:55Z Unable to open file /home/**/.bitcoin/blocks/blk01637.dat
2019-01-15T23:39:56Z [default wallet] Releasing wallet
2019-01-15T23:39:56Z Shutdown: done

What can be done when a failure to open a file causes reindexing to fail?