Bitcoin Mixing? Is it even real?

I have been trying to find a “bitcoin mixing” service but it seems that ALL the “bitcoin mixing” sites I have looked at are scam. Does anybody know of any that are actually real and do what they say they do??

Tax implications of withdraw fee from one exchange (Binance) to another GDAX/Coinbase

I transferred 0.2 ETH and 0.3 ETH in separate transfers from GDAX to Binance (GDAX does not charge a fee for this).

Then, I transferred back from Binance to GDAX all 0.5 ETH, but since Binance charges a 0.01 ETH withdraw fee, I now only have 0.49 ETH in my GDAX account.

Then, I sell my 0.49 ETH on GDAX.

Assuming I would like to report taxes, how do I take into account the 0.01 ETH in transfer fee assuming the following:

0.2 ETH was purchased at $100

0.3 ETH was purchased at $120

0.49 ETH was sold at $400 (within a year)

In other words, what’s the best way to report these two transactions on form 8949 (

Recover bitcoin wallet with old Private Key

about 3 years ago I created my bit coin wallet and purchased few bit coins. I have done couple transactions with my wallet paying for things I bought in the internet.

I have no record of my wallet

I do have my private key

Recently I tried to import my private key in and got the message Invalid private key encoding

I know for sure that this is my private key

I will appreciate any helpin explaining what could be the reason for this error message

Also, how I can see transactions done with this private key

..and ofcourse any ideas to recover will be greatly appreciated

decompressing Multibit wallet private key in another wallet

I have some bitcoin amount in my Multibit wallet. unfortunately i can not figure the password I put on it for transferring coins for the life of me despite trying all possible passwords i could think of. But i do have a back up copy of my private key and if you are familiar with multibit wallet you know upon backing private key it asks you to password protect your backup and i do have that password. so how can i impart this private key in another wallet and decompress it there? is there any wallet that can do it?
I do appreciate your help and comment.

Import Multibit multibit.key into Electrum

Have a multibit.key file from an old Multibit Wallet, but can’t import it into Electrum.

When I copy and paste the char string from the file into the “Import Addresses and Private Keys” Electrum window it just never allows me to push Next and proceed.

What am I doing wrong? Is there any other way?

Send Bitcoin cash to a Bitcoin address

by doing a mistake i have send BCH to my BTC address into my own Wallet,the wallet is Bitgo i know they have a tool to recover the BCH when they are send to a non segwit address i have already tried the tool e the tool give error, so i think that my address was a segwit, Bitgo say that when the Address is a segwit address -> Unfortunately, when you sent your transaction, you sent it to a Bitcoin address that was using the new Segregated Witness format. As this format is not supported on Bitcoin Cash, we cannot recover these funds.

It’s possible to have another solution

Best regards

What are the debug categories?

In the bitcoin configuration you can set debug logging for the following categories. I can’t seem to find an explanation of what each of these categories does. Can someone explain them or point me in the right direction?


Output debugging information (default: 0, supplying
is optional). If is not supplied or if
= 1, output all debugging information. can be:

net, tor, mempool, http, bench, zmq, db, rpc, estimatefee, addrman,
selectcoins, reindex, cmpctblock, rand, prune, proxy, mempoolrej,
libevent, coindb, qt, leveldb.

how to add a buy transaction using bitcoin @

I’m using to track my bitcoins and altcoins.

I’ve purchased some altcoins, and added these altcoins to my portfolio, and ensuring I entered the amount per unit in bitcoin, but I am unsure if this debits my total portfolio by the amount of bitcoin required to pay for the transaction.

It seems I have too much bitcoin in my portfolio @, which doesn’t reflect my purchase of altcoins using some of my bitcoin.