bcoin watch only address

Can anyone tell me how to set up a watch-only address using bcoin?

while using the command:

bcoin wallet create myNewWallet

this will always be a "watchOnly": false wallet by default. Is there any documentation for these commands?

How to generate Electrum address with pybitcointools

I want to create a payment service where I want to be able to charge each client according to its invoice. I picked Electrum as my underlying wallet and pybitcontools as my Python interface.

I would like to assign for each invoice a separate address. However, using wallet GUI it requires a person doing so and would like to automate that. Sadly, I am unable to replicate the Electrum addresses and am a bit lost at what is going wrong

My current test code:

import bitcoin as btc

electrum_master_public_key = 'xpub67xegn2C1yS...'

for i in xrange( 5 ):
    print btc.pubkey_to_address( btc.bip32_descend( electrum_master_public_key, [0,i] ) )

All my generated addresses start with a 1 whereas Electrum’s star with 3. Would appreciate if somebody would help me to link the two.

Default behaviour when network partitions/pruned network

From people oposed to SegWit I have heard about the argument, that after SegWit activation, nodes may chose to drop/prune all Witnesses. From my understanding, this may not be much different from nodes who are already only storing a pruned version of the blockchain. And a node using the ruleset from SegWit would not accept a block without the witnesses, only the backwards compatible nodes that do not follow the ruleset from Segwit would?

My question is what the default behaviour of a core node is, when it receives block up to X, and the blocks thereafter are only header-files with the actual block data pruned.

In other words: what happens if my node is somehow kept away from the true/whole bitcoin network, so that my node only receives pruned blocks which cannot be verified. Would my node only accept the blocks up to the one which was a block with complete data and drop the rest until complete data is received for those? What if my node is a mining node?

How do I run GUI on Raspbian?

I had this running perfectly and the blockchain was synching and at about 80% completion. I came home from work to a power outage.

I keep seeing to run bitcoin-qt, it doesn’t appear that I have that. In /src/ I have bitcoin-cli, bitcoind, and bitcoin-tx. Obviously d is daemon, and -tx isn’t what I want either. So I try

bitcoin-cli -datadir=/pi/home/bitcoin/
error: too few parameters (need at least command)

What does the nBits value represent?

When a miner hashes a blocksheader and it produces a hash that is lower than the value represented by nBits then the PoW is considered solved.

What exactly does this mean? For example a SHA256 hash has the following structure: c45bc3de9bff9ee27fc7303a3aa4fa8022ab6608d42bbea4d72bbee9b719703b how do you determine whether this is below an nBits value?

Bitcoin blockchain full data

Where is stored a full data set of bitcoin blockchain?

Is ../blocks/ dir contains a full data for blockchain work?

I know that ../chainstate/ and other files truly contains service information, include hashes, UTXO data set and others. But is it true that the full information already is in ../blocks/ dir?

Have a bunch of wallet.dat files. What alt-coins do they have (and may be how much)?

A few years ago I mined a couple of alt-coins. Now I have approximately 5 wallets which are named in non-suggestive way: wallet_01.dat, wallet_02.dat, …, wallet_05.dat. Each of them has reasonable amount of coins, also I have no idea how much exactly and what coin correspond to each wallet. Now I would like to restore some order by checking what do I have and how much.

Is there a way for me to figure this out? I do not remember exactly what these alt-coins are but have approximate ideas (probably can try to remember and select 30 potential candidates).

With this, I clearly can try each of the alt-coin client, wait for sync (may be do not even need this) and try to open each of the wallet. This will be very slow and because I am not 100% sure I will be lucky with my 30 crypto-coin guesses might take even longer.

So, is there a way to find a corresponding alt-coin for a wallet. Even maybe finding how much coins are in the wallet without downloading the client?

Error validating transaction using BLOCKCYPHER

I recently followed the steps on the answer by StephenM347 to the following problem:

Cannot access my bitcoins because my wallet is still synchronising. What can I do to spend them immediately?

However, on the last step (broadcasting my transaction on https://live.blockcypher.com/btc-testnet/pushtx/) I got the error message:

Error validating transaction: Transaction eddxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx orphaned, missing reference 00350a8xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

I am very new to this and all I want is to have my bitcoins on a MultiBit wallet (where I sent the Bitcoin Core bitcoins to).
Could anyone point me in the right direction here?