bcoin watch only address

Can anyone tell me how to set up a watch-only address using bcoin?

while using the command:

bcoin wallet create myNewWallet

this will always be a "watchOnly": false wallet by default. Is there any documentation for these commands?

How to generate Electrum address with pybitcointools

I want to create a payment service where I want to be able to charge each client according to its invoice. I picked Electrum as my underlying wallet and pybitcontools as my Python interface.

I would like to assign for each invoice a separate address. However, using wallet GUI it requires a person doing so and would like to automate that. Sadly, I am unable to replicate the Electrum addresses and am a bit lost at what is going wrong

My current test code:

import bitcoin as btc

electrum_master_public_key = 'xpub67xegn2C1yS...'

for i in xrange( 5 ):
    print btc.pubkey_to_address( btc.bip32_descend( electrum_master_public_key, [0,i] ) )

All my generated addresses start with a 1 whereas Electrum’s star with 3. Would appreciate if somebody would help me to link the two.

How do I run GUI on Raspbian?

I had this running perfectly and the blockchain was synching and at about 80% completion. I came home from work to a power outage.

I keep seeing to run bitcoin-qt, it doesn’t appear that I have that. In /src/ I have bitcoin-cli, bitcoind, and bitcoin-tx. Obviously d is daemon, and -tx isn’t what I want either. So I try

bitcoin-cli -datadir=/pi/home/bitcoin/
error: too few parameters (need at least command)

What does the nBits value represent?

When a miner hashes a blocksheader and it produces a hash that is lower than the value represented by nBits then the PoW is considered solved.

What exactly does this mean? For example a SHA256 hash has the following structure: c45bc3de9bff9ee27fc7303a3aa4fa8022ab6608d42bbea4d72bbee9b719703b how do you determine whether this is below an nBits value?

Bitcoin blockchain full data

Where is stored a full data set of bitcoin blockchain?

Is ../blocks/ dir contains a full data for blockchain work?

I know that ../chainstate/ and other files truly contains service information, include hashes, UTXO data set and others. But is it true that the full information already is in ../blocks/ dir?

Have a bunch of wallet.dat files. What alt-coins do they have (and may be how much)?

A few years ago I mined a couple of alt-coins. Now I have approximately 5 wallets which are named in non-suggestive way: wallet_01.dat, wallet_02.dat, …, wallet_05.dat. Each of them has reasonable amount of coins, also I have no idea how much exactly and what coin correspond to each wallet. Now I would like to restore some order by checking what do I have and how much.

Is there a way for me to figure this out? I do not remember exactly what these alt-coins are but have approximate ideas (probably can try to remember and select 30 potential candidates).

With this, I clearly can try each of the alt-coin client, wait for sync (may be do not even need this) and try to open each of the wallet. This will be very slow and because I am not 100% sure I will be lucky with my 30 crypto-coin guesses might take even longer.

So, is there a way to find a corresponding alt-coin for a wallet. Even maybe finding how much coins are in the wallet without downloading the client?

Electrum Wallet, Coinsquare source

I am new to this bitcoin wallet use. I have funds allocated to Coinsquare but have yet to buy a single bitcoin or fraction of one. My question is,……. do I need a certain wallet for use in conjunction with a certain funding source? Will my Electrum wallet receive crypto currency from my Coinsquare account?

API for getting the Hash-of-thing-to-sign

Does anyone have, or have access to a simple API that can calculate the hashofthingtosign for old transactions along the blockchain? I’m just looking for something simple to see what the “Hashofthingtosign” is or was for transactions along the blockchain. One might even say this is a question of “how” do I do this, but it is well beyond me and is effectively a question of does anyone have one or know of one?

A simple API such as what is here; http://2coin.org/tx.asmx would be awesome (though I’m having a hard time accessing the website at this time). It was just a simple thing; you paste the transaction ID and it can spit out the R value, the S value, and the hashofthingtosign by reading probably the info from blockchain.info or something like that.

I’m trying to better understand the algorithm that’s used, but it seems like block explorers don’t keep track of that variable nor have implemented a simple detail of just showing what it was. I’m not asking for a huge program or something that would take someone weeks to do. The complexities of creating even a python script to look up this variable for old transactions and calculate it are well beyond my capabilities. Not to mention, without examples of the hashofthingtosign, how would I even be able to confirm whether I had done it correctly or not?