How do I get bitcoin price without any external source?

I have searched the Internet for solution but could not find the one I was looking for.

I want to get bitcoin price (in usd) without using any external website (meaning not getting the price using api or something)

I want to “calculate” it myself, since there are websites who display their bitcoin price and it’s slightly different from other websites I guess they found the price from their own.

How can I find the bitcoin price by myself?

Found my multibit.key file, what now?

I used BitCoin for the 1st and final time so far about 2-3 years ago. I thought I had lost my wallet but I found an old backup of my hard drive and it contains a file “multibit.key”. I installed a program called MultiBit HD but all the instructions for importing an old forgotten wallet are for the old version of MultiBit.

So in short: what now? I would like to open my “multibit.key” wallet, I think I remember the password but I have a hard time opening/importing it to MultiBit HD. If that is even the right program to use… 🙂

bitcoin-cli not found on OSX

I have a Qt testnet3 node synched and running on my mac. In the terminal, when simply trying:

$ bitcoin-cli getinfo


$ ./bitcoin-cli getinfo

I get:

-bash: bitcoin-cli: command not found

Anyone know why the command could or would not be found? (server=1 in bitcoin.conf as well)

How would you end up with more than two transaction outputs?

I saw a Bitcoin transaction that has 6 inputs and 4 outputs. I understand that several inputs are sometimes used in order to meet the amount requirements of the output. As a result you have two outputs: The spent amount and the change.

How is it then that a transaction can have four outputs? Is it possible to pay more than one person (address) in a single transaction?