Filesystem is corrupt. How to find wallet.dat?

A customer of mine brought me a 2TB crashed harddrive. The drive itself is not damaged physically, but the file tables (MFT / NTFS) are corrupt so there is zero ability to recover files with their original names.

The contents of the drive is not important, except for the customer’s wallet.dat file which contains “a substantial amount of bitcoins” (sic).

Finding this file among 2TB of data is pretty much a needle in a haystack.

So, question: Does wallet.dat contain anything unique, anything that can be binary searched for, anything that makes it say “hey, I’m wallet.dat!”?

In the ASIC-age, is it worth starting mining Bitcoin at home?

I have recently learned about Bitcoin and would like to get rich quickly into mining.

I have control of a

  • laptop
  • library full of ancient computers
  • powerful gaming PC
  • cluster of GPUs
  • an old ASIC, I got for three times its worth off eBay
  • a cluster of EC2 servers

My power bill is

  • frightfully expensive
  • dirt cheap
  • subsidized by my neighbors included in rent
  • non-existant, because I produce a power surplus

Is it worth getting started with mining?

I need Fiat -> BTC merchant service

Hello bitcoin community.

I’m running startup and we think how to accept payments. Our customers are far not geeks and they don’t know what BTC is. However, I’d prefer to collect BTC on may wallet, not fiat. I’ve solved all tax issues in my country and I can deliver invoices to my customer where we will use fiat currency they paid in. But I’m looking for some merchant service that automatically turns fiat they pay through Visa/SWIFT or probably even PayPal into BTC using actual exchange rate. Could anyone suggest something?