Has anyone proposed a human only proof of work system?

There have been suggestions of proof of work requirements that exclude GPUs or ASICS (or try to) but I was wondering if anyone had suggested a proof of work that is not suited to being solved by computer at all, so that the miners would be humans working on proving their own work done – work that cannot (currently) be performed by a computer in a competitive amount of time.

This would presumably need to be quickly verifiable by computer, but not independently solvable by computer.

If this hasn’t yet been proposed, is there any apparent reason this would not work?

Setup a private bitcoin network

This question is similar to previosuly asked question Start a Private Bitcoin Network but since I can’t comment there I am asking again.

I am working on a concept specifically for existing bitcoin so the suggested methods of litecoin or regtest are not applicable for my purpose. I need to simulate a bitcoin network over my LAN/Wifi and it would be great if someone could point me towards a method to do it.

Difference between wallet and mining software?

What’s the core difference between the mining and wallet software out there? I haven’t been able to find any information on this so anything – technical or non is appreciated. Though I’m talking about the wallets that make you download the block chain as well, not the light wallets. Thank you.