In Ethereum, what is an uncle block? [closed]

In Ethereum, what is an uncle?

Why does Ethereum take this approach, instead of having a single chain of blocks back to the genesis block?

If you mine a block, and it only gets included as an uncle, how much of the original reward do you get?

How long after the uncle is created is it allowed to be included into a block?

How do I determine the value of new altcoins?

So, I’m curious about the value of altcoins.

Let’s say I were to create an altcoin, and get some people to use it… how would I calculate the value of the coin? Is this determined by exchanges? Or by how much money people give in exchange for X amount of the coin? I’m a bit confused by this. I’ve tried researching it, but nothing’s really helped.

Thanks in advance!

My miner doesnt show up on network but running?

I have an S3+ and yesterday it stopped showing up on my IP scan and connecting to my pool. It still runs the fan (very low speed though) and shows the lights for a network connection, so does my modem. But I can’t access its setup or see it mining in my pool. I have tried all the usual troubleshoots, 3 different PSU’s, reset, new internet connection but none of them helped, any idea why this could be happening, help is appreciated

What happens to Bitcoin wallet / Bitcoins if PC is stolen

I am a beginner and just starting to explore the possibilities of Bitcoins. So I would be very grateful if somebody could help me with this question.
Is there a risk that my Bitcoins are lost if the PC with the bitcoins resp. with the Bitcoin wallet stored on it is stolen or has crashed? Thank you very much.

Will there be 21 million bitcoins eventually?

Every x blocks the mining reward is halved. Will the reward be halved forever such that we never quite reach 21 million bitcoins, or will we reach 21 million bitcoins at some point and will the reward cease to exist altogether?

Extra points for pointing to the relevant code!

Can you use any Bitcoin address as a Counterparty token receiving address?

I have a bunch of bitcoin addresses and I would like to just use them for receiving counterparty tokens. I’ve read that counterparty addresses are the same thing as a Bitcoin address. Is this correct? And if so, doesnt this mean every Bitcoin address can effectively receive counterparty tokens?

I also can’t seem to find an option to import an existing Bitcoin address into the counterwallet website. I was only able to find an import sweep option. screenshot would be nice.