Do I need an app and internet on my smartphone to enable a Lamassu ATM to detect and scan my QR code?

I want to send bitcoins to a friend through a Lamassu ATM. She has emailed me her request QR code and when I went to the Lamassu ATM point, after pressing on the start button and showing the QR code on my smartphone, nothing happens. I learned that the atm is supposed to scan the QR code and send bitcoins to the request QR code after putting in cash.
I am wondering, if I may need an app or internet on my smartphone to enable the Lamassu ATM to detect and scan the QR code on the phone screen.

Multibit Private Key Restore

I backed up my private key and restored it into a new copy of Multibit (difference machine). The import was successful but the public key address has not been updated with my previous address.

I’ve done "Check Private Keys" which said it was successful as well as forced a resync with the blockchain. None of my old transactions are showing up.

Any thoughts? No doubt I’m doing something wrong.



Thanks for the response! I verified through that the private key I exported only matches the bitcoin address automatically generated when I created the new wallet.

But the old private key that I IMPORTED into this same wallet is nowhere to be found. Multibit says the import was a success. If this is true there should be TWO private keys in the export file; one for the auto-generated bitcoin address and one that matches the old imported private key.

I’d love to take the private key in my original export file and paste it into to see if it matches my public address but my export file is encrypted. So I have to import into Multibit, enter the password and then export it unencrypted to obtain the private key.

Does anyone know of a way to decrypt an encrypted private key file without using Multibit?

How to answer to whether Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme?

I was asked whether Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme as I was explaining Bitcoin. In support of the question I was presented with the following scenario. I didn’t know what to answer.

Let’s assume Bitcoin started today and had no transactions and no customers. Tomorrow, the first 10 people ever buy into Bitcoin. The price at that time for one bitcoin is $100. So, 10 people bought in at $100 thus there is $1000 in the Bitcoin economy.
The next day, the price of a Bitcoin doubles and goes to $200 per coin. Now again hypothetically, let’s say ALL 10 of these people want to sell their Bitcoin and cash out. The math now says $2000 will have to be paid out.

How will this be handled as there was only $1000 in the system? I don’t believe Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme, but this particular equation does not add up. What am I missing here?