Inevitable dust spam

Given I have an account with balance 1BTC + 1 satoshi.
I want to transfer 1BTC to another account and tribute 0.0001 BTC out of that 1BTC to the network as fee. Would my transaction being rejected for produce dust spam (1 satoshi in this case)?

So the number is:

  • Account 1: 1BTC + 1 satoshi
  • Transfer: 0.9999 BTC and tribute 0.0001 BTC to miner
  • Left over: 1 satoshi.

Can zero-fee txs get into a block?

What happens if a transaction is set to have zero fees?
Can it get into a block?

Also, if you updated a coin’s code to accept zero-fee transactions, would this cause a hardfork?

(e.g. made tx’s in certain denominations return a tx.GetMinFee() of 0)

Why is two hours the maximum acceptable offset for Bitcoin blocks?

As far as I understand, Bitcoin transactions include a timestamp, but the only requirement is that they don’t differ for more than two hours.

But why two hours? For computers that are constantly synced via NTP, two hours seem like a very big difference. I would expect that a difference of 10 minutes should be enough.

Or, if this is about time zones and summer time, shouldn’t they be using UTC time?

farmers quest to exchange goods and services

i would like to know the possibility to use Bitcoin for farmers to change good and services without ever to use of Money. We are trying to set a network between local farmers and would like to use Bitcoin in exchange for our services.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Deprecation error on mac

I’m compiling on mac, and I get this error:

unsigned char *SHA256(const unsigned char *d, size_t n,unsigned char *md) DEPRECATED_IN_MAC_OS_X_VERSION_10_7_AND_LATER; 

Why does this happen, and how do I fix it?

Library for trading on major exchanges

Is there a library which exposes order-book and trading functionality of major exchanges like BTC-e, Bitfinex, Cryptsy etc. ? I know these site have their own API but I wanted to re-use the code, if some sort of library is already available.

I am looking for a java library in particular.