Getting transactions and time from Block Chain Info Api

I want to fetch transactions for an address from the following api:$btc_address?format=json

The thing is understanding the json returned from the api, I don’t understand which of them are the transaction and the time when that transaction took place.

Can any one help?

Running multiple DNS Seeds

I would like to know how to run multiple DNS Seeds on the same node.

It seems fairly straight-forward as described in:

For example, I want two DNS Seeds:

It seems as per the existing instructions I would either need to run multiple VMs or at the very least create new users and redirect port 53 to them. (I am not sure I can redirect port 53 to multiple users)

Is there any way that I can set this up on one VPS with Root access?

Could the BGP attack be used to split the Bitcoin network?

I just learnt about the BGP attack:

The attacker was able to redirect the miners to its own pool to effectively “steal” (defraud them of) their mining rewards.

I don’t know enough about the Border Gateway Protocol, but I’m wondering if this sort of an attack could be used to split the Bitcoin network itself, essentially by hijacking the node discovery process. If an attacker could hold the split for a few hours (assuming enough hash power), it could successfully execute a double-spend on its target.

Does the client use any kind of authentication with its peers?

P.S. Of course, there would have to be enough economic or political motivation to carry out such an expensive attack (such as to bring down a popular exchange and create media panic).