Turing completeness of Bitcoin Script

For me, scripts are one of the most interesting features of Bitcoin. They provide possibilities which have no equivalent in classical currencies. However, the wiki states

It is purposefully not Turing-complete, with no loops.

  1. What’s the rationale behind this decision?
  2. Are there any proposals for useful contracts which would only be possible in a Turing complete script implementation?
  3. Are there any alternative crypto currencies with Turing complete scripts? If so, how do they solve the problems from 1?

Is there an opensource crypto-currency exchanges engine?

I’m looking for an opensource crypto-currency exchange engine.

My preference would be for something easy to use like joomla or drupal. My exchange setup needs support for alt-coins and bitcoin.

I have discovered intersango myself. However, sql file is corrupted, there is no creation of tables and import does not work. Plus it is bitcoin exchange only (and I need alt-coin support). Site of this exchange with “invites only”, registration is closed.

Is there something super-simple that I can use to get started?

When I exit SSH session bitcoind goes down

I’m using Ubuntu 12.04.

I’ve tested several scripts that try to get bitcoind running on startup but none have worked out for me.

I’m getting a little bit desperate because I can’t even get bitcoind running once I exit my SSH session.

Any clues on how to get bitcoind running once I exit the SSH session?

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