Mining behind a proxy and restrictive firewall (only http ports allowed) – possible?

I have a very restrictive firewall with an additional proxy here. Is there a GPU mining tool out there that supports proxy server?
The best would be a SSL connection to the mining pool. A long living stream also doesn’t work I think, because Internet radio is not possible.

I don’t have a PC on the outside, so SSH tunnel is no option.

Mining over a website could be a solution too. I tried and it worked after setting the http proxy to a correct value for Java.

Has Apple stated its view on legality of apps using alternative electronic payment systems?

An article entitled “Why Apple is Afraid of Bitcoin” discusses Apple’s interest in online payments. It also talks about the removal of 2 Bitcoin apps, Blockchain Wallet and BitPak, from the appstore.

The explanation given by Apple was that “apps must comply with all
legal requirements in any location where they are made available to
users.” Apple further stated, “it is the developer’s obligation to
understand and conform to all local laws” and the developer was
referred to the legal department for an exact explanation of which law
it violates. Clearly, they will not be able to cite a law as no laws
prohibiting bitcoin currently exist in any jurisdiction.

Though the author of the article claims that no laws prohibit Bitcoin, Apple obviously disagrees but was very unhelpful in explaining which law it might be referring to. Has Apple discussed its stance regarding legality of apps using Bitcoin or other alternative payment systems?

How could the bitcoin protocol be changed? Has this ever occurred?

I keep coming across answers in questions on this site and on the wiki saying that the protocol might need to be changed in the future to create more scalability / security.

It seems to me that it is difficult to update the protocol now that there are so many different people involved and so much invested in the current protocol.

How could the bitcoin protocol be updated? Has this ever occurred to date?