How to restore locally a MyWallet backup?

The website has an online wallet system MyWallet which creates backups with a .aes.json extension. While I understand it’s a json file encrypted with AES using my passphrase, I’m still confused about what am I supposed to do to decrypt it and load it into a local client.

I have OSX 10.6, but for portability sake let’s just talk about command line, hoping at least that one stays the same on multiple platforms.

Cache the Bitcoin Datadir to Improve Performance? Increase Bitcoin DB Cache Size?

Bitcoin is very disk-intensive and that slows it down. It seems to flush data to disk often thus preventing proper caching. With the datadir on a RAMdisk it is much faster.

Is it possible to increase the db cache size or do something else to improve cache performance.

Of course it would be nice to keep the wallet and important data saved but I would not mind the blockchain to be heavily cached.

I’m asking mainly about Windows OS.

Dollar cost averaging approach to Bitcoin investing?

Are there any services offering a dollar cost averaging approach to Bitcoin investing, i.e. something like an index tracker fund which purchases a set amount on a regular basis? If not, are there any reasons why such a service can’t exist:

  • Are there any theoretical disadvantages, i.e. anything specific about the asset which discourages this style of investing?
  • Are there technical limitations, e.g. is there some restriction imposed by payment bodies which would prevent making a regular payment from Paypal to Dwolla, from Dwolla to an exchange, then buying coins, in an automated fashion?

What are some of the Bitcoin inaccuracies in the CBS Show “The Good Wife”?

The CBS Show “The Good Wife” had a series of shows speaking about the Bitcoin and its creation. Although the show is entertaining, it is prudent for those of you who know the truth to record it for historical purposes, not letting the TV drama perpetuate inaccuracies.

In case you haven’t seen it, you can look here:

For example: Is there a Bitcoin manifesto written by Mr. Nakamoto? Is it possible to embed a character string in the block chain? Was Bitcoin incorporated? Was there a lawyer involved who paid people to write code? Has anyone accused Mr. Nakamoto of being a lawyer? (sorry Sir, I know this is a low blow). Is Decode-a-thon the name of the conference where all the cryptologists go?

Is there a limit on the number of orphan transactions a node can cache?

I´m asking this because a possible attack would be to send an flooding number of orphan transactions, which will never be redeemed. Then clients would have to cache them, increasing storage requirements and reducing lookup time. This can lead to a resource-exhaustion attack.

If there is a limit on the size of the cache, then a DoS can be mounted to exhaust the limit.
In both cases, a DoS attack can be mounted.

If there is no protection, adding a proof-of-work to each transaction would help to prevent such attack.